Building and testing

Today we've finaly done some testing of the trike we started building a year ago. The goal was to check the handling and durability of some parts.
The one who was manufacturing the front wheel fittings (steering knuckles) made an errror. Its result is 2cm longer wheelbase and 2cm shorter trail. We needed to know how this affects the handling and if it's necessary to have it rebuilt. I wasn't very pleased with the nhandling, my father was more optimistic.
Anyway we bent that part on the right wheel so when fixing this they will fix the earlier mistake too.
All the parts will get some paint and we will sand and paint the frame. By that the trike will be usabel and all the accessories will be done later: fenders (fiberglass), tailbox (wood and fiberglass), lights (LEDs and Luxeons) etc.
The wheels were not fitted to the frame permanently, so we transported to the testing place in car. It still fits into Škoda Octavia:

We weren't there for a long time. Sun was shining, but the temepratures were very low. Even the river Svratka was frozen.

We just ran few circles around parking lot. We both were able to lift the rear wheel from the ground when braking, so even cheapest disc seem to be powerfull enough.

At the end we done a "high speed" test on the cycling path and after finding the bent suspensionwe went home.

21.6.2005 (1)
Today I passed the final bachelor exam so I no longer have an excuse for not updating my web.
I promised some photos of finished trike, so here are they:

Before assembling:

Few detail of some parts:

Front wheel suspension, unassambled and how it fits together:

Bottom bracket:

Steering linkage and main pulley (power side of the chain):

Carbon fibre dropouts for rear fork:

Front wheels axes - 18mm is the bigges diameter, 14220 steel, heat treated:

Assembled trike:

I'll try to add some photos of the trike "in action" soon.

21.6.2005 (2)
Here are those promised photos. They're from the "Recumbent weekend" action, May 22nd. Once per year the Azub bike and one Czech travel agency make a two days action for about 40 people. Everyone has a chance to try different bents for half a day during a small trip.
The camerea was not working properly, so I don't have the pictures I wanted.
Lukáš was preparing for K24 amatheur marathon, where we lent him our trike, and this Saturday was his first chance to ride it more than just around a house. He tried if it can go under the semitrailer:

Than the camera stopped working although it was pretending it works, so only other pictures are from the end of the day, the loaded car ready to go home. We didn't believe it before we tried it, but our gigantic trike can be transported on the roof together with two recumbents: