Protection for chainrings on Azub bike

My dad decided to make some chainring protection for our bikes. the goal is to make the front of the bike look less dangerous. The main advantege will be that you don't get dirty each time you go around parked bike too close.
It all started with finding out that our very old frisbee has the right diameter and shape around edges. My dad added some piper tube from paper towels, simulating bottom bracket tube. It's diametr was made bigger using paper tape. The tube for front derailleur is represented by wooden stick, again thicknened by paper tape. This is all fitted to the senter of the frisbee. Then the shape is made of plasticine bought in 1kg package. The result looks like this:

The yellow spots are grease used as a separator.
We layed glassfibre textile 110g/m2, four layers. It was necessary to cut and fold one part over another on some places. This makes unpleasant roughnesses on the surface. You have to sand them down later.
Dad added some black pigment into the resin, because with such part you'd expect few scratches sooner or later. It's usefull to have a material of the same colour as the surface. In the end we decided that no paint is needed in this case anyway.
Here is the result, after some cutting and sanding the edges:

Quite good for a three evenings work. Until now we tried id only on my Azub 4 and it fits and works nicely. And looks good.
When I change gear from the middle to the biggest chainring, the chain doesn't fit into the teeth immediately, few segments run around the chainring on top of the teeth. There is not eough space under the protector for them, but it's so flexible that it bends away for a moment.
Nowadays I've been using it approximately two months and sattisfied how it works. Here is a photo, sorry for the dirt, it's winter now: